Saturday, December 27, 2014


There will be time for revisions.
December 21, 2014
10:37 am: Back to revisions to the ms. I’ll start with the red ink from yesterday. I am highlighting the fig. references as I proceed so they will be easier to spot later; also, I am starting a master list of the reference citations.
11:33: Dammit, Microsoft Word just crashed again, upon another attempt to paste in some text; this is an absolute nightmare that will plague me throughout this entire 600+ page manuscript. On top of that, I lost the entire paragraph that I wanted to reposition.
I had lunch somewhere in here for 30 minutes.
2:59: By this time I’ve started a list of figures to add, and I have found some measurements that I missed in both Jane and the Cleveland skull. I must resign myself to such ommissions – I’ll just have to take care of those for the big T. rex ontogeny paper. I’ve reached the internal antorbital fenestra, but I need to do something else. I will backtrack and make sure I haven’t missed any references in my list.
3:08: O.K., that’s done, now back to red inking the ms. The day before last I toyed with the idea of auctioning off the marked-up manuscript - for donation a university or museum library as a part of the deal - to raise travel funds for my paleo track students. This would happen after publication, of course.
4:16 pm stop.
Evening: resumed red-inking the ms; made it through the premaxilla, premaxillary teeth, and the start of the maxilla.


  1. A suggestion you might have heard already- have you tried Open Office instead of MS Word? It's a free program that uses MS Office files including MS Word files. As it's a different program, it may not have the errors that are causing Word to crash on you, and you would still have an MS Word file at the end.

  2. Thanks, Mickey! I'll give that a shot.