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December 7, 2014
[Dear reader,  A short distance into the future I will have censored this entry. My intent with these accounts was to give an unsparing account of the progress of this sort of work, but some thoughts - despite their veracity - amount to self-inflicted wounds when uttered publicly and so they are best sent to the distal coasts of biography. Ergo, the amplitude of these lines only yield to ripple.]
10:28 am: Back to Larson (2008).
10:36: I’ve reached where he makes mention of Jane, identifying it as Nanotyrannus; here’s his table of characters for various tyrannosaurid taxa...
11:32: Second page of the table.
12:45 pm: Time to take a break from this.
~5:35 pm: Resuming.
5:48: Stopping.
6:20: Making a table of comparative measurements.
6:34: Done with the characters in the table; I’ll save the excitement of the section on sexual dimorphism for later. 570 pages reached today.
References cited
Larson, P. 2008. Variation and sexual dimorphism in Tyrannosaurus rex; pp. 102-128 in
P. Larson, and K. Carpenter (eds.) Tyrannosaurus rex, the Tyrant King. Indiana University Press, Bloomington.

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