Friday, December 19, 2014


December 16, 2014
10:10: Late arrival today owing to a three-day migraine headache and staying in bed for an extra hour on account of it. My focus today is taking care of the descriptive loose threads (i.e., gaps) in the ms; I’m saving the photos of the dorsal ribs and gastralia for later when I need a change of pace.
12:04: I’m hungry; it’s time for lunch.
12:51: Back from lunch (Swedish pancakes with lingonberries, and coffee). Resuming with the loose threads of the lacrimal.
3:17: Dammit, MW just crashed upon another attempt to paste in a short paragraph of text. I dread when the time comes for me to reorganize parts of the manuscript.
3:25-3:45: Discussing with IL Dinosaur 13, which I haven’t watched. He said that there are plenty of good, current stories on dinosaur research that could be the subject of a good documentary instead of that old news.
Yeah. That’s a real slap to the face.
4:25: I just returned from the mounted skeleton in the gallery, where I had a look at the contact between the ilia and the sacral spinous processes. WI held the ladder steady!
5:03: More back and forth between the gallery and collections for pelvic characters and measurements.
5:47: A later than usual day since I am staying overnight in Rockford, but I am wrapping up now. After a day of taking care of loose threads, the manuscript has reached 590 pages.

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