Wednesday, December 10, 2014


Today I finally completed the description of the axial skeleton associated with the vertebrae; next in line are the gastralia. The arches are labeled from A to Q with bits of Post-it notes.
 December 2, 2014
10:05: I just arrived at the Burpee Museum and I’m set up at my desk to finish writing up Hemal arch N!
I saw IL on the way in and he said that he wants to put the caudals back on the mount, and needs assistance putting the cervicals in the correct sequence. Today will be a short day for me – I have to leave at 2 pm to attend an honors thesis defense in Biology back at the College.
I don’t know if this will have much value in the future, but each month I save the Jane ms under a different title so that there is a record of the month-to-month progress of manuscript; today a new draft was born.
11:05: Done with Hemal arch N! Now, on to Hemal arch O!
11:51: Done with Hemal arch O; now, on to arch P!
12:00: Hunger has won me over.
12:57: Back to work! It was a long wait for lunch (eggs benedict with American fries) and I was held up by a couple of red lights on the way back to the museum. Back to Hemal arch P!
1:15: Done with arch P; now, on to arch Q (the last arch)!
1:44: Done with arch Q!!! I have to pack up in a few minutes. During the next visit I will take a bunch of comparative measurements from all of the arches and photograph the rest of them; then I’ll be able to move on to the gastralia.
1:50: Packing up. 562 pages reached.

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