Sunday, October 19, 2014


October 19, 2014
3:34 pm: Having given the morning to the SVP poster, I want to add the last page of the Currie et al. (2003) characters to the Jane ms. I’m starting this with a worsening headache that feels like a cap of metal spreading under my calvarium; I’m resolved to tough it out.
4:02: I have to rest, I can’t focus on what I’m doing. Defeated by character 61.
6:13: Second try at it; I still feel like I have a new skull growing into my old skull.
6:42: Just got done with Currie et al. (2003)! Now, on to Holtz (2001) – 111 characters before I get to Carr (1999)!
6:57: Time to eat.
8:18: Done with dinner and rested, but I feel too awful to work; I brought MVL up to the bedroom in case I feel better later on.

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