Saturday, October 18, 2014


The wall above my workspace, for reference.

October 18, 2014
Start ~6:30 pm. Begin with Currie et al. (2003), character 7.
I have eaten a big meal; I feel lethargic and I want to quit for the day, but I know this will not write itself. I have spent the bulk of my waking hours (9:30 am-~5:00 pm) working on the phylogenetic data matrix that will form the basis of my SVP poster. So Jane has waited until this atypical, late hour.
7:07: the first page of the appendix is done! Now, on to character 18…
I keep my most actively referenced scientific literature in chronologically organized binders, and I am pulling out one page at a time so that Tyrannosauroidea #7 does not take over the limited space on my crowded table.
7:25: passed the jugal!
7:45: I went upstairs to make some tea, where I was taken aback and distressed by how open and extensive the main floor is, even though I have all of the curtains drawn. It reminds me of my most terror stricken nightmares, where the empty space of dark rooms is filled by a horribly malevolent and invisible consciousness. My study is much more suited to a better frame of mind; the ceiling is low and the space is enclosed on all sides by bookshelves and shelves for casts, and it is largely filled by my worktables.
8:12: The tea hasn’t helped much, but I will finish this damn page before I stop! I’m at character 43, the shape of the palatine.
8:23: This page is done! I have to take a break from this. One page to go; in no time I’ll be on to Holtz (2001)!
Oh, right - 412 pages reached.

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