Thursday, October 23, 2014


The entire history of published research on tyrannosauroids can fit in seven three-ring binders; up until 2006, that is.

October 20, 2014
11:23 am: a sliver of time in which I can add a few more Holtz (2001) characters. Starting at character 5.
11:45: leave for meeting.
7:58 pm: I have the SVP poster under control; I expect to have it ready to print by Wednesday or Thursday, so I can give more time to Holtz (2001). Headache is a dull, nearly imperceptible pain, but it feels like a gallon of water is sloshing between my head and eyes each time I look down at the pages.
8:11: this horrible watery sensation is utterly distracting and might provoke the headache to get worse; I have to stop.
References cited
Holtz, T.R., Jr.  2001.  The phylogeny and taxonomy of the Tyrannosauridae.
            In Mesozoic Vertebrate Life. Edited by D. H. Tanke and K. Carpenter. Indiana
University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana pp. 64-83.

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