Thursday, October 16, 2014


The view at the end of last week - dorsal rib #1 in progress!
October 14, 2014
Raw notes.
Start: ~9:50 am. Dorsal rib A, osteological correlates of muscles.
10:32: started on Dorsal rib B.
10:40: MW crashed when I copied and pasted a template of headings for the rib descriptions.
10:47: back on track; just spoke to a museum visitor about the Jane description; i.e., met briefly with IL, the director, and a visitor to the collections who asked if I had a grant to do this project, and if I was on a sabbatical to do it; very funny assumptions!
12:07: break for lunch. Shaft of rib B almost done.
12:58: back from lunch.
1:34: started rib C.
4:03: started rib D.
stopped 4:25 pm. 408 pages reached.

Appendix. Scenes from the road, morning.

~Above the asphalt filter/an iris rip in Jovian belts of slate lavender ~

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  1. I literally wince every time I read that your word crashed again. Its a bad habit it has since ages. I hope it's not wasting too much of your time. Reading your blog as a informed layperson, I might not get every anatomical detail, but its nevertheless very interesting to get a behind-the-scenes view what paleontology really means.