Thursday, October 23, 2014


The view at the end of the day.

October 21, 2014
10:09 am: Starting now with the ms at 416 pages long, and I will finish up Dorsal rib D. I left off at the capitulum last Tuesday.
IL showed me where Jane’s gastralia are stored – more to describe! The latest last thing I need to do!
IL and WI brought down the rest of the ribs from the right side, which includes the longest preserved rib and the last rib of the series.
11:28: at the osteological correlates for muscles on rib D; a quick break to head up to the soda machine.
11:32: Back with a Doc 360 in hand to hold me until lunch.
12:04: Done with rib D!
12:09: Whoops - I just found the proximal end of rib D from the right side! It’ll help clear up a few details not seen on the left.
12:13: I just identified one of the new ribs from the right side of the mount as preceding Dorsal ribs C and D, which I have just changed to ribs D and E, respectively.
12:15-1:05: Lunch. Back to rib E.
1:48: What I thought was the right side of Rib E is actually the new rib D! Now E is F!
1:56: MW crashed again, dammit! It happened when I attempted to paste in a few headings that I copied; some moments before I successfully copied and pasted a couple of sentences; luckily, nothing lost. What hurts the most is the time lost – every minute counts since I’m out here only once a week for not many hours.
2:24: a brief break to sort out the sequence of ribs. Back to the ms – the damn MW just crashed again when I copied a few lines of headings. This is no advertisement for the glitchy software; I’m not impressed - more wasted time.
2:39: back up and running; time to make sure the labeling of dorsal ribs in the text matches the labels on the actual bones that I have set out on the table.
2:44: ribs double-checked and corresponding labels now match. Back to dorsal rib E! After that is C, G, and H!
3:33-3:57: Chat with IL.
4:26: completed rib E; now, on to rib G!
4:55: Time to wrap up; I reached the capitulum of rib G! After that, ribs C and H!

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