Saturday, November 29, 2014


All that's left standing between me and the gastralia.

November 28, 2014
10:43 am: Late arrival, partly on account to bad weather, a stop for cash, and another for food. Back in collections to finish up Hemal arch H! Flurries and unsafe roads at Kenosha, but the roads cleared up halfway to Beloit on the ’43.
11:26: Done with Hemal arch H; now moving on to Hemal arch I!
12:12: Done with Hemal arch I – I’m making slightly better time with these; I will now start Hemal arch J!
12:47: Back to work; touched base with IL, who arrived just after I picked up arch J.
1:28: Done with Hemal arch J, now on to arch K!
1:45: Time for lunch.
2:47: Back from lunch; didn’t mean to take so long, but I stopped off at a used bookstore to see if they had a copy of Collin’s French-English Dictionary – and they did! I seen that IL and WI removed the final hemal arches for me, so there is seven to go, including Hemal arch K that I started right before I left to eat.
3:21: All right – done with Hemal arch K, now I move on to arch L!
3:25: Dammit – MW just crashed again upon pasting a block of text.
4:07: Just cleared Hemal arch L! Now I start the golden arch, namely M.
4:41: Just finished Hemal arch M! I will start arch N for a few minutes before I have to pack up and leave before the place closes at 5:00pm!
4:48: time to pack up. After this arch, there’s only three to go, and then the gastralia! 548 pages reached.


  1. Is it good to have that many pages in the manuscript? It appears you have made it WAY too long.

  2. Dear Concerned - I find that the best form of encouragement is discouragement; thank you for the boost!

  3. I don't care how long it is as long as there is a PDF available in the end!

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