Saturday, November 29, 2014


Framed and mounted, but the Science isn't done.
November 27, 2014
~1:00 pm: resumed adding characters from Carr (1999).
1:25: At the jugal in the Taxonomic Differences section. This section has been misunderstood in the literature (e.g., Currie, 2003) and at the time I should have recognized that possibility and made repair; it would have been a straightforward correction to make.
1:47: Just reached the postorbital of Carr (1999)! Brief break.
1:55: Back to work!
2:41: Reached the braincase section of the Taxonomic Differences section; I need a short break.
2:52: For some reason I am stymied with what to do with the braincase section – this structure is entirely missing from Jane, but it is entirely present in the Cleveland skull and in adults. Do I contrast the Cleveland skull from them? That does make the most sense, as long as it is not redundant with Carr (1999) or W&R (2009, 2010).
3:01: Hunger is tearing at me; I must eat something now.
3:13: Back to work!
3:37: Time to wrap up.

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