Thursday, November 27, 2014


The Jackstraws of Brochu; they are not as simple as they look.

November 26, 2014
9:11: Back in collections to resume the description of the fourth hemal arch!
9:34: Done with hemal arch D! Now, on with hemal arch E!
10:16: MW just crashed again as I went to paste a block of text. Very frustrating, as usual.
10:23: Done with hemal arch E! I have to wait for WI to arrive so that he can remove more arches from the mount in the gallery, so I will change gears and work on the gastralia.
11:36: Just finished arranging the medial gastralia segments into a left and right set.
12:06: Off for lunch.
12:45: Back from lunch (eggs benedict, hash browns and coffee). I will set the gastralia to the side and resume with the hemal arches, which WI brought down shortly before I left for lunch.
1:46: Done with Hemal arch F; now on to G!
1:55: Taking a short break.
2:03: Back to work!
2:45: done with Hemal arch G; now, on to H! Finally – an armature that can be removed!
2:53: Time for a short break.
3:03: Break over.
3:26: Time to take a break from writing and start photographing the arches!
4:01: Done taking photos of hemal arches A-G.
4:05: I am pretty wiped out, so I’m going to wrap up now; 526 pages reached.

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