Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Success - I added the last of the Holtz characters on this day!

November 16, 2014
9:47 am: Resuming work on Holtz (2001); starting with a page count of 451.
11:00 am: I’m at character 106 – only 6 characters to go! Page count – 455.
11:10 am: I’ve added the last of Holtz (2001)! Now, I’ll continue with those of Carr (1999). I realized a while ago that after that source, I still have to add those of Larson (2008, 2013), which will add a few days of work. However, the ms won’t be complete without them.
List of things to do: (1) Carr, 1999; (2) Larson, 2008; (3) Larson, 2013; (4) loose threads; (5) ribs; (6) hemal arches; (7) gastralia.
11:38: Added several more maxilla characters from Carr (1999), then stopped.
11:56: resumed.
~12:05 pm: Stopped.
2:07 pm: started again on account of being locked out of the suite where my office is located; I’ve been waiting 20 minutes for security to “send over an officer when one becomes available”; this is absurd.
2:18 pm. Heading back upstairs to call security again. When I first arrived, I had nearly 2.5 hours for grading a mountain of work, now it’s less than 2.0.
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