Tuesday, November 18, 2014


November 15, 2014
1:20 pm: In the basement, I resumed adding characters from Holtz (2001), starting with character 30 - the length of the pubic boot relative to the vertical height of the bone. Coffee at hand.
After that, I discovered that I had already added the rest of the pubic, ischium, fibula, and metatarsal characters. It looks as if I had made it to the end of the list of “Synapomorphies for Tyrannosauridae”, with a couple of exceptions; so now I proceed with “Tyrannosaurid ingroup characters”, at character 40.
2:14: I am at character 58 and the page count is 448.
3:30: Stopping at character 80 (the ratio of cervical centrum length to centrum height); I need to collate cervical centra data into a comparative table for this one.

References cited
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University Press, Bloomington and Indianapolis, Indiana pp. 64-83.

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