Sunday, June 7, 2015


Morning starts with Jane ms, excel, Darwin, Milou et Tintin, et De Sade.
June 6, 2015—I’ve been at this for over a month, but without keeping track or providing timely updates. The manuscript has reached 679 pages, and it will grow until this pass of revisions and additions to the manuscript are made. On this next-to-final pass I am finding many omissions in the description; it is disconcerting how many there are.

My guide through the manuscript is a hard copy of an earlier version, and so far I am at page 140 of it, but I am on page 209 of the active version. This means that the hard copy is only 610 pages long! Regardless, it is the copy that I read in the evening with red pen in hand for revision of the digital copy on the next day, or days, or weeks.

Music tonight and earlier today: Beethoven, Symphonie No. 5 c-moll op. 67 & Symphonie No. 6 F-dur op. 68 “Pastorale”. Conductor Herbert Von Karajan, Berliner Philharmoniker.

Nocturnal refreshment: three garlic-stuffed olives, one glass of chilled Tsintali retsina.

Night’s eye closes over the mind

June 7, 2015—9:26 am: relatively early start; today’s goal is to wrap up the description of the postorbital. I’ve cleared past the frontal and laterosphenoid processes.

9:09 pm: now a review over the sections: cornual process – done; body – done; squamosal process – that's where I left off in the morning and still needs work…

Stimulant: one cup (measured out) of reheated coffee + half & half + pumpkin pie spice creamer.

10:17 pm: Completed the joint surface for the squamosal. And now, if I have stamina for it, the joint surface for the jugal; looks like I won’t be done with the postorbital until tomorrow…drat - I’ll return to red-inking the hard copy instead of writing new osteological description.

Nocturnal refreshment: olives, retsina.

Music tonight: Beethoven, Symphonie No. 7 A-dur op. 921, Symphonie No. 8 F-dur op. 93.

Dammit – only 11:11 pm, and I’m so tired that I’m caving in on myself in the circadian prison. At least I’ve reached the palatine in the hard copy. Also today I started on the photographic plates for the hemal arches.

Page count: 687.

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