Thursday, January 1, 2015


Presence sinister, absence dexter: the gate of madness to the mountain of dinosaur monographs.

January 1, 2015

10:49 am: A new month, a new file name! I am resuming the revisions of the maxilla; I’ve reached the section on the palatal process.
11:59: I just cleared 60 pages of revisions (of 617 pages)!
Somewhere in here was a ~15 minute shower.
1:44 pm: Break; 619 pages reached, where I have started on the description of the jugal ramus of the maxilla. After that are its subordinate processes, ascending ramus (I am approaching that one out of order – I usually follow a fairly strict rostral to caudal, and dorsal to ventral sequence), alveoli, immature bone grain, lesions, and then the maxillary teeth!
Later in the afternoon: some continued red inking of the manuscript, where I’ve reached the quadratojugal. A lot of time today given to New Year’s Day lunch and dinner with family.
Night thoughts
I have only two more full days to work on the revisions to the Jane manuscript. On the 4th I fly out to Bozeman to spend three weeks working on the pen and ink illustrations for a monograph that describes a new species of tyrannosaurine (since that one describes a growth series, it has sailed past the thousand page mark – double spaced – and excluding tables, figures, figure captions, and appendices). That effort will be full time, and every day of each week, so Jane will have to take the back seat. I am debating with myself on whether or not to chronicle that effort as well; perhaps.
The pressure is on.


  1. Are we finally going to see a description of the famed Two Medicine ?Daspletosaurus first mentioned way back in 1991?

  2. Hi Mickey - the bottom line is yes. David Varricchio and I presented a poster on this project at the 2014 SVP meeting in Berlin.